Testing on Android - Android default buttons not showing?

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  • Working on a game for mobile and I have started testing it on Android. I am using Intel XDK to build.

    For the most part my game works well, performance is fine, but ive discovered that once the game launches Android's default buttons don't display (back, home and menu I think? The buttons are a triangle, circle and square, usually at the bottom of the screen, or on the side in landscape view). So there is no easy way to quit out of my game. Other Android games I have on my phone display these buttons during game play, they just remain at the edge of the screen, providing an easy way to quit out of the game..

    So im not sure what I need to do to get these default buttons to remain visible. Is it a plugin I need to add in Intel XDK or something?

    The only plugin I added to my build was the InAppBrowser.

    Or alternatively is it better practice to have a button in the main menu that would close the game and return the user to the Android interface?

    Thanks for any help.

  • No one has any insights on this ? How about this: a question to people who have experience publishing their C2 games to Android. Do the default Android buttons display during game play when your game is launched?

  • I made progress on this. There is a 'Full Screen' option in Intel XDK. If its selected the navigation buttons are hidden. If it's deselected the nav bar is visible. Problem is the status bar is also visible. So now I need to work out how to hide the status bar...

  • I have good experience with android but never encountered this problem on any device I tested. On all samsung devices the buttons are displayed no problem, I think the buttons being covered is a rare problem thats why you didnt get any feedback.

    Test my game and see if the same thing happen's https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... power.kong

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  • Hey thanks for the reply. I got this figured out with help from another user in this thread

    What worked for me was to leave the Full Screen option deselected in Intel XDK, and then add the StatusBar plugin (again in Intel XDK), and then enter an event in my C2 project to say: On start of layout -> Browser, call javascript: "StatusBar.hide()".

    This causes the statusbar and navbar to be hidden while game is running, but you can still access navbar by touching the edge of screen. So that was pretty close to what I was trying to achieve, so Im happy with that.

    Ill check your game out

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