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  • Hi,I have some questions about sponsorship.

    1.Do I have to submit a sample game to sponsor for review before upload the game to the web?(such as upload to the Kongregate website first then request for sponsorship to that game)

    2.When I sent my sample game to the sponsor,will it get stolen?(cause i saw the exported game file contain all the sprites and music which are available for copied and paste)

    3.If it is easily get stolen, what is the secure way to submit my sample game to sponsor?

  • Use FGL, they do a lot to prevent stealing and your game will be seen by publishers only if you mark that.

  • tq for the suggestions!

  • Submit your game to the publishers. FGL is a rip off. They pay you two hundred dollars for an exclusive license. Then they can make that back in 5 minute by submitting that game to appbackr and get a 250.00 dollar payout and you cant license your games to other publishers. You can submit it yourself to appbackr. Don't be afraid that your game idea or game is going to get stolen. Rename your media folders to something besides /media to protect them. You can also publish your games privately using Dropbox and send the publishhers a private link. Good Luck.

  • thank you for the advises!

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  • TheDom

    I'm not sure what you mean. FGL has an offer of 200$ for their integrated sdk, its a non-exclusive license. Payout is low though but it's non-exclusive so you can sell your game still. FGL also allows you to submit games on their portal so publishers can see it.

  • retrodude

    I've gone back and re-read the agreement and either something has changed or I misunderstood the contract when I first read it. I did read some other negative comments on other forums. However since your response, I revisited some forums it seems to have improved a little. But I was sure I read somewhere that you could only sell through them once load a game and I read another prominent game dev warning about the very same thing I posted above. I'm going get some clarification on it. If you've tried it and I'm mistaken, I apologize and please post something here about your results. Once I get some clarification, and if your correct, I'll give it a try with one of my games and post about the results.

    Thanks for your post.

  • TheDom

    No need to apologize, it's good to be aware of the contract agreements.

    My group, sold some non-exclusive licenses for our games on the fgl portal to sponsors who were perusing the fgl market so it might be worth checking out. I recommend newcomers to learn java script so they can integrate other sponsor sdk or api's if they do plan to sell games on fgl. I noticed some sponsor's tend to avoid construct 2 games unless you really know what your doing and are willing to make adjustments for potential buyers (integrate sdk or make changes).

    The 200$ is for fgl's promotional offer, which involves a bit of work (integrating fgl sdk) but even so sponsors will ask you to do something similar so it might be worth learning how to integrate the fgl sdk.

  • retrodude

    What I'm not clear on is;

    Are you required to put the game up for mobile bidding? Or can you just deal in the non-exclusive licensing?

    And Thanks

  • TheDom

    Mobile bidding?

    Are you referring to the regular bidding in fgl when placing your game on their market? You don't have to place your games on bidding, you can directly sell non-exclusives using the gameshop.

    To be honest, bidding confuses me a bit so I just use the gameshop option. Although It refers non-exclusive licensing as site-locked which is basically the same thing.

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