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  • Hello friends.

    I wanted to ask you, is there a game publisher that specially publishes games made with construct on Google Play and has successful games on Google Play?

    I searched and found only the publisher of html5 games.

    I did not find any publisher that specializes in publishing games on Google Play. I wanted to know if you know the publisher or publishers of successful construct games that we can send our games to them for review?

  • Hey, I am no publisher, I just publish my private games on Google Play, but if you end up not finding a proper publisher, let me know, I can help if needed.

    Hope you find one tho.

  • Hello. Thank you for your suggestion. I have published my games on Google Play so far and I have no problem publishing them. I'm looking to be able to present my games to major publishers. Maybe they like the game. If the game is published by a major publisher, it is very different from the fact that I want to publish the game myself. I made a lot of games and I would love to know if these games are liked by big publishers or not. For example, this game is one of my games that I would like to know if a publisher is interested in this game or not?


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  • Did you make any progress with this?

  • If you want some level of attention, your Google Play/Apple Store/Steam Account should show some "relevant" numbers, like the amount of reviews and social media activity. My advice: Have Youtubers/Twitchers play your games. Viral pathway = fast and effective;

    If no one comments on your game, the big publishers will never notice that you exist. I hope you find what you're looking for.

  • I published a few games.


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