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  • Hi,

    I have find one site who offer my sound fx.

    The problem is the sound license don't give me the right to have

    the player/user/visitor/ can donwload it directly from my sound directory.

    I'm note sure, the audio file is protected when i export the game on my site?

    For example:

    I think only using .htaccess can solve this problem and protect directly access, or i mistake

    or is present one hidden feature about protection included in construct 2?

    Thank you very much!

    "This is important about if one user buy sound loop or effect with license must have protection for protect download the sound effects or music".

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  • Solved, work good protection from .htaccess

    Options -Indexes

    deny from all

    <FilesMatch '\.(jpg|png|mp4|mp3|ogg)$'>

    Order Allow,Deny

    Allow from all


    I test it and i post the result...

    ps: in the directory where is stored your file must put one index.html page with text "access denyed etc.." or fine work with meta redirect, when one

    go in this directory can auto have redirect to the primary home page..

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