Shouldn't implementing a sponsors API be possible: plugins

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  • I see on some forums people saying that they don't know how to implement a sponsors API because they are using Construct 2.

    But, isn't it possible to do so using the plugin feature? I still haven't fully explored Construct 2 myself as I was really busy until now, which I can begin again today. But I am wondering why I see a lot of people having problems with API implementation, from what I hear, it should be possible? Am I wrong?

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  • Normally, doing a plugin to implement a sponsor API is doable (not sure there are even one exception, as most of them are just javascript), it is just not the "normal use of C2" so most people just do not want to do it, or just do not know (as it requires javascript knowledge).

    Heck, maybe even the Execute javascript of the browser object could be used for that. Is it worth the time however, depends.. if you have to implement it for each publisher, it could be bothersome for some.

  • Ah, just as I thought. I thought it was going to be something like C2 doesn't allow it somehow or someway. Thanks for the explanation, Aphrodite.

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