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  • Hi to everybody! i am currently working in a mobile game, i was planning to include in app purchase for it, but i read about the google merchant account to do it, but my country is not supported and nor i have a company? so it means i cannot offer iap or sell my game anytime or there is a alternate way?

    on other side does google policies of payments methods that encourage just to use google wallets, means that my free apps with ads will not pay me if the ads pay via paypal and not by google wallet or i get it wrong?

    and last but not least will i encounter this for ios, i am currently using a windows pc, can i upload the game and get a developer key from here for ios? or i have to buy a mac computer in order to that, and anyone khows if they kept the same policies to sell apps or iap purchase for ios just for companys

    thanks in advance i am currently a neebie in these but i am preparing before finish my game to see the posibilities for it on android and ios, greetings by the way i am from Honduras!!!

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