How to sell my iOS & Android games only on my own website

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  • Does anybody know if it is possible to sell Android, iOS games etc not using the official Apple or Play Stores?

    I quite simply want to publish my games in a workable format for iOS and Android devices but only sell them available for download via my own website, is this possible/legal? The games are more niche anad aimed at small groups of people e.g. my football club, and not made for the mass market you see. Any suggestions on how best to approach this?

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  • You can sell apk via your own website but Android device will warn a user during instalation that this app is from unknown source. User will have to agree on such installation. Is it legal? I believe it is, but better check. Anyway technically it is possible.

    Regarding iOS I think it is not possible. As far as I know iOS is hermetic and won't allow installs from foreign sources.

  • Yea only jailbroken iPhone can install independent apps.

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