Do you sell your apps in appstore?

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  • Hello! I'm going to buy Construct 2 licence and to develop games for appstore. Actually I'm not a programmer, but I have good art skills and intuition. I heard that there are a lot of risks with apple: optimization for example. Is it really a lot of risks with it or it's some kind of myth and it's very easy to sell applications with Construct 2 in appstore? Do you have your own projects to buy and test it?

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  • First time I hear of this, but I'd actually really like to know the answer to that question myself before spending 100$(huge sum for me) on their license.

  • If you are on the fence for the licences I do have to say the debug feature alone is worth the price especially if your games get big, it will save you hours of frustration.

  • Certainly buy it, ya won't regret it...

    Especially when they have just been awarded the Best Game Creator Award...

    Price may go up!

  • Yes, would be nice to check out some already successful games made with C2 on Appstore, please let us know!

  • in appstore dident sold but have in amazon , googleplay and opera appstores:) will soon get the license for Applestore 2 will post back soon enough:D but if you want money out of you game apple store is the best way to get it because ios users can only buy stuff from apple not get free items:) only few and those are having microtransactions:d so yes take the applestore license will give you next boost for you apps! but be sure to have publish them good! otherway it will be just in appstore and maybe some guy will find it!:) like finding a fish on the rock surface:)

  • Publishing on the Appstore is relatively easy, and it should get easier soon with more export options on the way like Ejecta besides CocoonJS, but making money out of it is a completely different matter.

    If you set your expectations right and don't dream of getting rich quick, it will surely be a very instructive experience and you will learn a lot.

  • No because i don't have major game that worth paying 99$ to submit

  • It's difficult but not impossible, it takes a good idea, promotion and luck.

  • We have been selling Tables of Doom since September last year ... ?ls=1&mt=8

    Sales have been steady but not huge.

    Main hassles with itunes - you need an Apple with latest iOS and XCode - you also need a Apple licence.

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