Are you satisfied with Construct 2 + iOS Export solution?

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  • Hi TheDom,

    works really well.

    Just tired it yesterday and am really happy with the result.

    Basically (as far as i can see) you have full control over your xcode project and can even add more functions by extending Ejecta and mapping your own js functions to nativecode.

    By now only tested a basic game, which works really well.

    Havent tried integrating the iOs Gamecenter till now, only took me about 5 minutes to finally do it with ejecta.

    Going to check out facebook integration and some more stuff and will let you know about my results.

    At the moment im trying to get things to work in iCade

  • > Hey Taurian,

    > thanks for the tut.


    > Always wanted to try out Ejecta for doing the iOs Export.

    > Going to try it right now <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">


    > Do you have any experiences regarding audio, ajax and ads?


    Please post your experience Ejecta. I'm very curious about how that works out.

    I made a video about it, it's in the tutorial. But if I could describe it in 3 words:

    Pretty fqpf@!$%g easy

    At the bottom: ... e-easy-way

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  • Hi

    Can I export my proyect to x-code?



  • At the moment im trying to get things to work in iCade

    Sorry for the thread necro but I have to ask: did you get Ejecta and the iCade to play nice (and how?)

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