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  • Hello guys, sad day for me, i think i've lost the keystore for my app...

    I have the xdk project and i downloaded an old verion of intel XDK and i managed to open the project and i was happy becouse i have seen the saved published setups like icons and build settings but in the 'Developer Certificate' menu it writes "Certificates not currently accessible.".

    What can i do to retrieve my lost keystore ?

    In the old PC, i tried to install xdk but i can't login becouse intel disabled the XDK cloud.

    I have some xdk's filed if somebody could help me...

    All xdk s files and projects... the app id is

    I hope somebody could help me, Thank you in advance!


  • Contact Google. You can now reset your key without having to re-sign your apk.

  • Hello, Thank you i wrote to them i, i hope they can help me becouse i red somewhere that is impossible.


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  • Contact Google. You can now reset your key without having to re-sign your apk.

    Thanks for contacting Google Play Developer Support.

    I understand you're not able to use your app’s original keystore.

    Unless you are enrolled in Google Play app signing, the only solution to this issue is to publish a new app with a new package name and a new key. In order to transition existing users to the new app, you’ll need to update the original app’s description with a link to the new app and unpublish the original app.

    I absolutely understand this is a significant inconvenience, however, due to security concerns Google does not keep a copy of your keystore and at this time we do not support the deletion of apps or the re-use of package names.

    This is what i recived from Google Support, so i guess my app updates are over... :(

    This is pretty sad...

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