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  • I have almost a complete small game, so I have exported tried 2 different both on Intel SDK

    I tried Android build and Crosswalk for Android,

    Crosswalk makes the PDK file bigger size then only android build I wonder way and way most recommend Crosswalk. (Or am I doing something wrong)

    Android 11.3 MB

    Crosswalk 21.8 MB

    The graphic that can be jpg is rest is png.

    20 sprites/Layout (Can make it less and use tilde background on 10 if it helps?)

    1 event sheet/layout and one event sheet that is included in all event sheets.

    I need load time to be less any ideas on how to optimize

  • why do choose jpg for some? jpgs often get bigger than pngs.

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  • I tested and the backrond that i use I do get smaler if its jpg.

  • Yup XWalk strangely does a very big export.

    Cordova for Blackberry exports our game "Hoppu" at 5.3 MB while X-Walk for Android makes it 26MB+

    Try the game, links in signature

  • Crosswalk is basically a browser that runs your C2 project on android (like node-webkit) that's why it adds ~20MB to your game.

    This kind of question pop out at least once a week, and people are still asking for that. If you had used forum search all your question would be already answered.

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