how can i put advts in my game

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  • pls help me

    i have completed my game

    and now i want to monetize it


    pls tell me how to put advertisements in my game

    and who will be best benefitial advt publisher

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  • Provide more information please,

    First tell us what platform you are planning on releasing it on, where you are planning on releasing it.

    Different platforms have different ad platforms, c2 has provided support for various ad platforms but if you are planing on releasing this onto a private website, have your game run in a iframe, with google adsense or something of the likes running either on the side, or bottom or top, would be the simplest.

    You can release it adless on gamejolt, & newgrounds and they will also pay you a percentage adrevenue, and sometimes it can be better than google adsense, which google adsense only pays you a very very very very very small percentage so this is the better option.

  • May be Android, iPhone and browsers all

    give me some advice what should i do

    where should i releasing

    i was thinking to release this with ketechapp company

    what u think

    from where i should start it?

  • First of off I notice you don't own a c2 licences, you need to have one to be able to monetize last time I checked(could be wrong).

    Browsers, release it on gamejolt, & newgrounds, look around a lot see what sites offer montization programs and put them up on there. The more available it is the more public eye it has there for the more people can see it and the more potential profits you have. That is if your game is good enough.

    ketechapp I don't know anything about really other than they publish to iOS. It wouldn't be necessarily a bad thing to go through a publisher just be warry of the profit margins they receive over what you receive. Along with their terms of service could be exclusive to publish through them for all platform releases. They might throw some free advertising your way through social media sites, their publisher site, and much more if they are a good publisher. If not they will not show any games really, a good publisher promotes their games just look into it a bit more.

    Mostly what you need to do is some research on this on your own to really get what you want out of it.

    For montization with c2 games for mobile platforms though you want to use admob for android( you can for iOS devices too but iAds works well enough too for that) they are built into c2 without any external plugins.

  • first of all ! i have C2 licence

    iAds are for which platform?


  • what does it mean in simple language

    i didn't getting this line....

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