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  • Hi everyone,

    Quick question : can I publish an app to the Apple App Store using an Adhoc provisionning profile?

    What are the risks of doing this? Would the IAP still work?

  • I don't think you can do this. I thought App Store apps need the App Store distribution profile.

    One way to find out is to build your IPA and run 'Validate' on it using the Application Loader.. It will tell you if it's allowed.

  • Thanks, I'll try that.

    But I can say I already had my app validated by Apple and live on the store with an Adhoc profile. So it is probably at least doable, but maybe there are problems with that. I'd look at what Application Loader tells me.

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  • But maybe it's only downloadable by devices that are listed in the Adhoc profile you created? Adhoc is only for limited private distribution.

    Are you getting downloads from other devices?

  • Actually I withdrawed the game from the store immediately because IAP weren't working, so I'm not sure about this.

    I think I'll ask Apple about this.

  • On this thread someone said that an adhoc build would be rejected :

    But I'm quite sure my previous exported game was approved with "adhoc" checked in Intel XDK. Maybe there is something going on in Intel XDK which allow adhoc builds to pass the approval phase? Or my game was reviewed by a n00b reviewer, and he didn't notice it... ^^'

  • Still another question : I've just build my game with only one change : I selected the provisioning profile "production" instead of "adhoc" inside XDK build settings tab.

    However, I didn't change the provisioning file I used. And the build succeeded!

    So in other words, I've been able to build both adhoc and production provisionning profiles with the same file, which is an adhoc file (see image below)

    Could this build be considered a production build, as Intel XDK succeeded to make it, or is it mandatory to use a production provisioning file?

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