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  • Hello all,

    I post here because me and the team I am working together are facing a big problem regarding publishing our game in PC (Steam).

    The problem we are facing is the absence of any resolution change option for the final user/gamer who eventually will play our game.

    Now I know all about aspect ratios and the options to scale in or out etc. But this is not the nature of out problem. Ashley explains well in his article how to create a game to fit in multiple resolutions, but if you publish a pc game you need to have the option to change the resolution.

    I have dig a lot into this and so far my understanding is that we can not change user's screen resolution by using NW.js exports. NW.js was originally made to help people to compile their website into a desktop app. It is not a dedicated compiler in order to make games.

    The real problem here is these two facts:

    1. Our NW.js exported game can not detect user's screen resolution.

    2. Our NW.js exported game can not change user's screen resolution.

    So I tried to find some ways to work around this and the only "near to a solution" I found was using a script that makes our game play in windowed borderless fullscreen. It kind of works by having fullscreen and the same aspect ratio in any resolution. But if windows button is pressed or if you click inside the screen with your mouse, then it breaks. You can follow the topic about this script here:

    The result is that we can not publish our game in Steam. The original resolution of our Game is 1920x1080, we have put a lot of effort so far to build our game, but this problem is driving us crazy. Not to be able to change user's resolution in-game raised a big red flag for further development.

    If you have any suggestions to work around this problem please let me know.

  • Good news! I found out (by trial & error) that if the "Touch" Input is not valid in the project, then the aspect ratio and the scaling does not break if windows button is pressed or if you click inside the screen!!

    And it works like a dynamic resolution change with the above script, by forcing windowed borderless fullscreen! This is not possible if you want to build a game with mouse controls. However our game is a platform game and no mouse controls are needed!

    For anybody who wants to have similar results you can follow this topic

    If you choose "scale outer" in your projects configuration settings, then your game will cover all resolutions and at the same time it will keep the vertical or horizontal alignment depending on the user's screen resolution. This is amazing because for example in ultra wide screens the game will cover all of the field on left and right but at the same time it will keep the height of your configuration!

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  • Wow, thank you for sharing! congratulate

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