Publisher vs Publishing your game yourself

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  • Hi, I've gotten two invites from publishers to take my game to mobile once completed. I was curious as to when it is a good idea to use a publisher versus trying to publish a game yourself. I have no experience in this field as this is my first game. What are the key questions I need to ask? The game is still in beta, but I've gotten over 10,000 plays which to me seemed good but after reviewing the publishers released games, they have games at over 500,000 downloads.

    Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

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  • Publishers can definitely help you get exposure. Unless you want to go the usual hope I get lucky route, landing a publisher is what you want. Make sure to look at the publishers game list to see if they can generate downloads.

    After that ask them

    1) How much is their cut?

    2)Can you talk to other developers who used their services?

    3) Will they be active in promoting your game and what is your role in marketing?

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