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  • I have been playing with Construct for a couple of month just as a hobby and came upon what I think is a pretty cool idea. And after a couple of weeks, I have hammered together a rough copy of the game that works. Now of course, before I even think of publishing it, I'll have to buy the commercial version which I intend to. And after that, I probably will have to approach a few publishers with it. Now do any of them have a problem accepting games made in Construct. What about Chillingo in particular? Will they accept my game? And what about any of the other publishers? Which ones are good with newbie developers?

    Any help will be deeply appreciated.

  • if its html5 web game .. then not much sponsor available at this moment as market is very new

    if its android game

    then i contacted various sponsors

    and they are very strict for requirements


    • offers the player a deep ingame experience and give the player a reason to return to our portal for multiple gaming sessions
    • works perfectly on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and PC (if yes, on which devices have u tested it?)
    • is optimized for phone and tablet
    • is centered when dispalyed on desktop
    • works in fullscreen (no URL bar visible) and automatically scales to any high/low resolutions (no black borders visible )
    • handles device rotation automatically (showing “please rotate screen” information)
    • has a loading bar and very optimized loading times
    • sound can be turned off/on (if any)
    • text is separated from images (check out Google Web Fonts!)
    • text is loaded from an external file to make localization easy

    Very good examples for HTML5 games are these ones: ==================================

    if u r self sponsoring then adding admob chartboost inmobi or other android ad networks is hard in construct 2 and ludei will cut a portion of ur ads

    construct2 is still not good for moneytizing games and both ludei and intel sdk fails to deliver what it takes to make commercial quality android games

  • Thanks for your reply. Very informative. Situation sounds dire indeed.

    So what to do for newbies like me who has a cool idea and would like to see it implemented. But in today's age with so many games coming out every month, what chance my game have of succeeding without a big name publisher?

  • taniafbd

    Ludei takes a % of your adds? How much?

  • taniafbd

    Ludei takes a % of your adds? How much?

    I didn't think this was true

  • taniafbd: As you have copy/pasted some of our requirements allow me to add SOFTGAMES here as a potential publisher

    Contact: Visit "softgames.de" and scroll down to developers to tell us about your game and to receive a sponsorship. Thx!"

  • You might want to take a look at my new eBook, "The Big List of Game Publishers". With over 80 pages and growing, I believe I have the most extensive list of HTML5 Game Publishers available anywhere. It also includes a range of monetization options available, an ongoing project with constant updates.

    I'm also launching a private forum for subscribers to share info and experiences and seek advice from others privately.

    I am also a C2 Developer and blog about my experiences making and marketing HTML5 games at:


    You can visit my site, and see my games and read more details about my EBook here: http://www.neoprofessor.com

  • hey just see "BIG LIST OF PUBLISHING AND PROMOTING GAME" in the distributing and publishing !!! for all free publisher.

  • The statement "then not much sponsor available at this moment as market is very new" is NOT true. There are lots of publishers HTML5 games. I list well over 60 in my EBook. They also vary in their requirements and genres. But you need to understand the different portals, game sites, and distributing platforms. HTML5 mobile web games are booming right now. Many HTML5 game developers are making very lucrative incomes but you need first to have a quality polished game. And you need to develop the understanding to know if your game is worthy of being sponsored.

    Even some of the best games get turned down by Softgames.de because they have a very stringent requirements and of course you need have a good game as well. Your game also needs to be mobile and PC ready and properly size across all or most devices.

    Sponsorship is not the only option. There is also revenue sharing and other monetizing options available. Making a good game is only half the battle. The other half is marketing it, and more important, how and who to Market it to. Just like learning to develop a game takes time, so does learning the market, and how to market.

    Make sure you talk to and get opinions from developers who actually make money successfully.

    And while I cover many of these details to gaining understating in my EBook, I think I'm going to post a tutorial on some outlines of requirements and standards including some info approach to getting published.

    Feel free to ask me any questions....and good luck.

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  • - works in fullscreen (no URL bar visible) and automatically scales to any high/low resolutions (no black borders visible )

    How can I achieve this specifically? I've read a lot, searched a lot but couldn't find the correct solution to my problem? (read more here about my problem: ).

  • Excellent Info!!, Definitely consider helpful.

  • Before jumping to find a publisher understand they might require you to make changes to your game or app before releasing it.

    Most publishers want nice visuals and bug free game. Especially on the visuals end they can be picky sometimes.

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