Published 2 days ago. App does not show in Google Play

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  • Google Play does not impress me.

    I have 10 apps in iTunes and never had a problem but my app, PRE PiANO which a published two days ago does not show up in Google Play.

    I can see it in my dashboard and it says that the app is compatible with my device but using my phone, it does not come up when I search for it.

    Pre Piano is a pretty unique name.

    From Google, I expected better than that.

    Anyone else having had issues like that?

  • Is it in alpha, beta or production? What happens when you click the link in the dashboard?

  • vancouver Yup, that's how Google Play works... searching for exact terms is practically useless unless your app has a sufficient amount of installs/attraction. Much like other media, the more popular content ranks higher in search while the less popular stuff gets pushed to the bottom.

    Terms like "piano" are very generic and will get lost in the many piano apps on the store nor do I suspect there are many people searching for terms including "pre". I think you can use google keywords tool to figure out the best keywords to add to it for better ranking.

    codah I think vancouver is referring to visibility in search.

  • TwinTails just covering all bases

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  • Thanks guys

    A google search for "my is not showing in google play" generates a lot of info and I found out that if I put my search in quote marks, "pre piano" can be found.

    All in all, I am not impressed with the Google Play Store.

    How ever, it does serve a great purpose of publishing something for the sake of establishing a "first used date" which can be important for those of us who are registering trademarks.

    I will publish one more app and if the experience doesn't improve, I might just skip Android for the time being.



  • It takes time for an app to show up in google play search. My experience is that google gives 0 traffic for a new app. You have to promote it yourself on the web, build backlinks to it, and eventually it will start having better position in google play search.

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