How do I publish on windows store?

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  • Hi, I have a few of games for android mobile on GooglePlay and I want to start to publish on windows store and I am a bit stuck on this point.

    I have done next:

    -Export from C2 as Windows

    -Create a developer account on windows store.

    -Download virtual studio 2015 (I can not run the emulation, always give me error:

    Error DEP0700 : Registration of the app failed. Windows no puede realizar la implementación en la ruta de acceso Release del tipo de sistema de archivos FAT32. (0x80073cfd)


    My questions are next:

    1. Is it mandatory use Virtual Studio to build the archive to upload to windows store?

    2. Is possible show intersidial ads with the normal admob plugin?

    3. Is better go for windows 10 or is easier to publish on windows8?


  • You do need visual studio. I don't know about the ads. I think it's better to go for Windows 10.

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  • You can use IntelXDK without VS.

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