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  • am i allowed to publish a totally non-commercial free game(no ads, no inapppurchases) to the windows phone 8 store with the free version of construct 2?

  • I guess that C2 allow you to make games for free on C2 free version but if you want to make a game on c2 and sell it you must buy C2 personal licence but if you got profit of more than 5000$ so then after it you must get the business licence.

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  • scottyaim hi there, Naji answer is little bit complicated. Here is the answer

    # Free version of C2 will not allow you to publish your game i.e you cannot make app with this.

    # Free version of C2 will only allow you to make and play the game, you cannot export to any platform like IOS and Google play.

    # You have to buy personal license for exporting and make final app.

    # Hope you understand it .


  • Ok, Thanks for the help

  • i can publish on clay io

  • Actually you can publish to the Windows 8 store for free. I had a partner who was a technology evangelist for Microsoft and he said that they paid companies like Scirra or Unity to make their exporting options free. I actually uploaded my first app when I just began using the free edition of Construct 2. Later, I bought the license so I could also upload to Android and IOS. Anyways, I do recommend buying the licensed version just because once you do, the opportunities are endless.

  • Free version of C2 will not allow you to publish your game.

    You can post free, facebook, Scirra Arcade, etc ...

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