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    Hello, I'm here to ask because I have no where to ask, I'm currently developing a game with a company, and we need a page that supports firebase since our game uses it, the page "bitballoon" does not support it , I also do not want to be told to buy me a domain, since I do not understand anything about PHP or MySQL or anything like that

    Thank you!



    Hola, vengo a preguntar aqui porque no tengo donde preguntar, actualmente estoy desarrollando un juego con una compañia, y necesitamos una página que soporte firebase ya que nuestro juego lo usa, la página "" no lo soporta, tampoco quiero que me digan que me compre un dominio, ya que no entiendo absolutamente nada de PHP o MySQL o algo de eso


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  • Check on for a firebase hosting company. You don't need PHP nor MySQL if you really only need Firebase...

    You need, tho, basic FTP knowledge.

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