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  • Hi im trying to export my game for android via crosswalk and intel XDK it has been working for the few tests and now

    when i install and run the games on my tablet it is just runs a black screen after the splash screen, any ideas why this would happen

    Thank you

  • I am facing similar trouble, i used cocoonjs export .I developed the game in version r139 ,which uses "webbox2d" as the physics engine , the applications without physics behavior are running well , but the screen flickers (and the app does'nt load) wen physics behavior is given to an object in the games ,will using later versions (with cocoonjs native engine as physics engine ) solve the problem.

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  • I have never used physics in my game dont need it ( I think) but anyways I opened a back up copy and started again from there and now it works fine dont know what was wrong but hopefully wont happen again

  • hi !

    i m also facing this same problem

    what i found out :-

    1) issue with web-storage , (eg: if ur using web-storage to save ur game data , like i do for high-score , if so , it gives Black Screen)

    2) issue with ur app name , app ID OR Build ID , or URL SCHEME (in intel XDK Build)

    3) may be issue with Intel XDK screen orientation (if u use it !)

    well , that's it i know so far ! !

    anyway good luck !

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