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  • Hello fellow C2 developers I'm announcing a new Social Platform for Game Developers where you can Promote your Games Shamelessly.

    We're just getting started but, come and sign up FREE. It's a complete social networking platform designed around Game Developers of all types. With an emphasis on business development and marketing,, provides a format to promote your games, screen shots, video gameplay, and more.

    New to game development? You'll find tons of informative content here.

    You can create "Groups", "Blogs", and internal and external web pages to promote yourself, games, artwork, etc...

    As I said we're just getting started but, I'm adding tons of informative content like Casual Connect videos which provide a great source of marketing information, great news and indie blog feeds.

    As a C2 developer myself, I'll providing a lot of useful resources for C2 developers.

    Come and join the Construct2 Developers Group.

    With heavy integration with other social platforms you'll find it easy to make it the center of all your social networking and promotion. You'll find a host of social tools and many more features about to be added. Create your own internal pages or link to external web pages to promote yourself, games.

    Naked Game Play also provides a "private forum" for subscribers of The Big List of game Publishers.

    I'm inviting publishers of all types to join in too. Whether you make small games, full on indie, artwork or music for games, or you're a publisher, all are welcome to join and promote.

    You can read more details here at my latest blog post at

    Hope you'll come and join or at least check us out. It's 100% FREE.

    See you there....

  • Seems cool. I think I'll sign up.

  • Just joined. Looks good!

  • TheDom i dont want to sound ironic or offensive but i think 40 usd for a guide is quite lot of money. Q3d plugin costs 14 usd and opened a whole new dimension. pricing a product is at the will of the developer/writer etc but i think that sometimes maybe we overprice it...if you sell it about 10-15 usd i think that youll have multiple downloads. and at last even books from proffesional publishers costs a lot cheaper and offer tons of informations like unity books maya,3ds max, programing books...i hope you the best but i dont get it.

  • I understand your thinking and sympathize. A lot a research went into the book and continues to go into since updates are included and I it update monthly with new sources as they become available. I realize it may not be priced for everyone but, that may change in the future. It's still a relatively new resource, only being available a little over 3 months. And things change so fast in this industry. I am also am providing a private forum for the subscribers. It's all still pretty new.

    But, Thank You

    I always like to hear peoples opinions and I really appreciate the feedback.

    I'd at least like to invite you to join

  • the site is very very interesting and has great potentials keep up the good work

  • TheDom I have a question about how the site works. Do I just create a new blog post to advertise it or something else? Thanks!

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  • Yes you can create a blog announcement if you want. I also created a forum category on the sites to post questions on how to. I'll probably make a post on good practices later today. Thanks for signing up.

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