Problems with web apps/games (glitched display)

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  • Hi. Did anyone of you recently publish a game or app on

    I used their marketplace because they have a nice C2 plugin with IAP support and Achievements but my latest app seems to have some problems - but apparently only on

    The app was approved yesterday but it still happens that it seems to be broken when viewed on my iPhone 5 (dont have android devices to test right now). When I open it on my server it looks exactly like in the preview and plays sound. But on its broken or when it's running the soundfiles don't play.

    This is how it should look like:


    But this is what appears on my iPhone 5S (BUT it runs fine in PC in Chrome!):


    I had this issue a few days ago before it was approved, then it worked for about one day and today it happened again. Because it runs fine in preview and on my server I assume it is an issue with I already contacted them but they have much to do right now and it can take some time.

    Did anyone else have such an issue (recently) or have any idea what could cause it? And why does this only happen on my phone and not when viewed in Chrome on PC?

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  • After using the version on my server for about 2 days it started to happen there, too. It happened on Safari and Chrome on my iPhone 5S and shows the same as the second picture (above). Sometimes it works after a few reloads but most times it shows the glitched screen. Does anyone else have such a problem or an idea what could be the cause for this? Why does it run fine on preview and for 1-2 days on a server and then break?

    I used the and System Date/Time Plugins.

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