Problems with PhoneGap build on iOS 9 Beta

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  • Hello. I've built my game with PhoneGap and it worked pretty great on iOS 8.4.

    But today, I updated my iPhone to iOS 9 Beta, to test how it works. But I have problems:

    1. Scaling doesn't work? Before iOS 9, I had no black bars on top and bottom, now I have them. I'm using Scale Outer.

    2. Not many FPS. Before iOS 9, I had constantly almost 60 FPS. FPS started dropping when there were about 30 objects on the screen. Now, FPS is lower than 50 even when there are less than 10 objects on the screen.

    3. iFrame and scrolling. I'm using HTML_iFrame_Pode to display Leaderboards. Before iOS 9, everything worked. I was able to scroll down even if the content inside iFrame was bigger than the layout, I just scrolled down. Now I can't. I see only what I can see on the layout and I can't scroll.

    Are these problems with Construct 2, PhoneGap or iOS 9? Where should they be reported?

  • why bother using beta version of ios?

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  • why bother using beta version of ios?

    To test how the app works.

  • I think you don't understand what is "beta"

  • I think you don't understand what is "beta"

    I do. I just wasn't sure if everything will be fixed until the final release.

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