Problems when launching my .capbx file on Xcode.

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  • HI! Thanks for your help once more, I being facing a little but big problems this days with Xcode because when I build the file for being ready to upload it to apple App Store, an error comes on my screen saying that is an error on mi info.plist file. I suppose this errors comes from Construct 2 and its driving me crazy, please it is essential for me to receive urgent help!

    Thanks a lot.

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  • You have to update the Bundle Identifier, Version, and Build. When you launch xcode proj, click on your app name under Targets (on left side of white area of window), then in General tab you can update that info. Bundle identifier should be com.companyname.gamename like you did when you set up in iTunes Connect. Make sure version matches what is in itunes connect as well.

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