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  • Im somewhat curious, how do game developers price their games/ decide the price for it. Like into what kind of aspects do they look into the most when deciding the amount it will cost ?

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  • Hi spectron

    That's a loaded question.

    Let's start with definition; Price = amount at which developer/publisher sell the game, Cost = developer/published incurred.

    Cost can be subjective based on the tools used, time spent, location of development which has cost of living associated with it, assets purchased etc.

    Price on the other hand is more of Fair Value / Relative Assessment. For example if Starcraft II introduced Wings of Liberty at around USD 60, you know what quality of the game you need to have in comparison to demand that price. If you're going to offer a MMORPG on Subscription then a ceiling comparison could be World of Warcraft. Then for FPS, Call of Duty can help you set a benchmark. On lower end, there is huge tail of Free Games / Freemium / Only-in-App / Low Price / Medium Price, etc.

    The way to think about Pricing is to first look at the model you think is most suitable for your game, and alignment with your expectations vs effort put into it. For instance, if it is your first game, there is no publisher on-board and you didn't do any marketing, regardless of how good the game is, asking a top-tier price will most likely won't work. Meaning, your game won't get any sales traction.

    So here is one way to go about it,

    1. Think of the Sales Model you want to have

    2. Honest to self, expectations vs effort assessment

    3. Completely independent or along with a publisher


  • I saw many apps published for free as apk on apps download store apknite. How do developers ensure their rights?

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