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  • Alright I see a lot of people asking how to market thier games and apps to the top. In truth its very hard and almost impossible if you don't have at least a small marketing budget. Now if you would like to share this on your blog you have permission as I am making this to help developers learn.

    Deciding What I was Going to make

    I decided to make a game that had very simple controls.

    I am just a pixel artist but I know majority of gamers like vector art. So I brought artwork from an artist who is indie developer friendly. I went for a non- serious cartoon character.

    I made the game easy enough so that a gamer can play it without instructions.

    Before Launch

    After I finished the Bomb Attack Max game I didn't release it to the appstore , that would equal a fail. I played the game and took screenshots about 8 of them and narrowed it down to 3 . The screenshots I picked had to look funny or be humorous for the simple type of game it was.

    I posted screenshots of Bomb Attack Max game coming on facebook groups about 10-12 of them that I was on. I did this for 2 days in a row 2x a day. Also I tweeted the game is coming.

    I also made a video of the game did the same thing posted it on facebook groups and twitter multiple times a day.

    Set up android ADs with the little marketing budget I had $80 . This would give me a small boost in downloads. Used


    Link to game its now on Opera because of googleplay banning my Movie quiz apps saying it was copywright infringment as of Dec 5, 2014 . Here is the link to Bomb attack Max

    Launched my app , posted on facebook and twitter that its finally arrived . Also launched the small AD campaign. And here comes the numbers

    Day 1 250

    Day 2 150

    Day 3 150

    Day 4 80 Ran out of money in banner AD campaign had to find more money

    Day 5 89

    Day 6 190

    Day 7 140 Got featured in top new free in Adventure category , lower banner AD campaign

    Day 8 130 Started getting good organic traffic from Top new free section so cut down to much less banner AD campaign

    Day 9 103 Finally hit #49 after going well over 1,000 installs July 4Th

    Special Note**

    I started the game with 2 modes of play. In those 8 days I updated the game 2 times to bring the total modes of play to 4 modes of play. This extended playing time and kept my game installed on people's devices. Real content updates are critical to kept users playing your game especially if its a simple one. Just add different themes or 1 new badguy that stands out makes huge difference.

    Special Note*

    One Big Mistake***

    Not saving up enough budget to reach higher and deeper on the charts. Yes I did get in the Top New Free Adventure category at number #15 but I should have saved enough to get to top #5 . In India I learned consumers there don't really search the store the same as U.S. store they only look at top lists and not so much the category lists. I was #49 on list and that didn't get me enough organic downloads until I reached Top Free List. Top Free List gives much more organic traffic. Had I saved enough to budget I would have had it easier when the bigger developers came and gave a hard fight about 5 days into climbing the charts. Plus some good indie games came to make it even harder. Got knocked down to #55 place after being #49 place. Also I should have been more aggressive with ADs.

    Total cost $180 promotions and art

    Time it took to break even 3 months

    Time it took to 3x profits 6 months

    Profits came from AD revenue, plus selling source code to the game and other games getting boost through cross promotion.

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  • Also to note before I reached top 50 Adventure I reached top new free adventure top #15. The game was made with pure Html,CSS, and Javascript not construct 2 but I posted this because it doesn't matter the engine you still need a marketing strategy.

  • Could you tell us which Facebook groups you used? Can't find any groups that have a lot of traffic.

  • Could you tell us which Facebook groups you used? Can't find any groups that have a lot of traffic. ... ef=browser ... ef=browser ... ef=browser ... ef=browser ( Review exchange group to boost ratings)

    Those are some off hand but there are others. The review exchange group is vital.

  • Giving this topic a bump because I redid the links they should work now. Also to note if your graphics aren't to a certain level, free ways of marketing don't work as good. Around jetpack joyride level of graphics or higher.

  • FB links are not working but last one.

  • I posted the facebook groups in this thread , just below this one

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