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  • Hi all, I may be the most uninformed newby you guys have ever come across. But I need help and am trying to get informed.

    I had an idea for an app, its not a game but I am realistically expecting anywhere between 100,000 - 1,000,000 downloads in the U.K. only over the next 5 years. (I'm expecting 100,000 within my first 6 months).

    This app is designed to help people and my initial project was solely for the benefit of others, HOWEVER, there will be ongoing costs and on top of that, any money I generate through it can be used to significantly help this cause.

    I currently have the app being designed for me by someone located in India through a freelance community as I have no idea about coding/app development what so ever. This app will also link into a website.

    The questions I have are:

    1: What are my best options to generate ad revenue?

    • who do I use?
    • what types of ad's do I use?
    • what is a realistic expectation of £ generated based on my projected downloads?

    2: Am I best to allow the person building the app to set all this up for me if they are willing to or will that mean I may be prone to theft/lose some control aspect of the income I receive?

    ANY information you can offer me would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


  • It really depends on how much users actively use your app. Downloads don't matter as much as user activity. If its an app that the user will open everyday, you will earn decent revenue. If its an app that users don't use often then revenue will be low.

    Also do the app yourself or risk getting your idea stolen. Put in the time to learn Construct 2 which is an easy tool to use.

  • I'm not worried about the idea being stolen. Once ive got it set up it will be almost impossible to replicate for several factors. as for useage, I think it will have moderate useage. on initial download they may be using it multiple times a day, after the first coupe of weeks that may be reduced to every so often. I would hope to have approx 60,000-100,000 active users, using the app multiple times a day at any one time

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  • Usually you get payed per 1000 impressions. (PPM) The payout can vary quite a lot depending on a lot of factors, like type of ad, etc. But we can use 1$ per 1000 impressions in this example.

    So if you have 60,000-100,000 active users daily. (80,000 average) and they all see 5 ads per day (5x80,000) Thats about 400,000 impressions per day. So if you get 1$ per 1000 impressions, you would get about 400$ per day.

    Using ads you want a lot of impressions and as high payout per 1000 impressions as possible.

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