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  • * I have an question and i don't know the answer

    I made / published an apk to Google Play , but i forgot to take out some permissions and i have them all , i made the secont app (game) without any permission but when i upload it on google play I have an error.

    The DEFAULT launch version is 20000 and to upload a new apk i must change that value, how and were can i change that . THANK YOU

    * I live in Romania how can i add a price to a new app ( i searched and i didn't find anything) ....

  • I can't answer the payment question. As far as APKs go, Google Play references the manifest.xml file for the file version. Ultimately, it would need t be changed in there to a newer version. Changing that depens on how you are packaging the APK file. If you're using cacoonJS, change the version in the app settings at the CacoonJS website. You could also try changing the version number in Construct but that might have a limited effect depending on how you are packaging. The same advice would follow for crosswalk and the like also. If you're packaging the file manually through eclipse or intelliJ, change the app version in the manifest.xml file through those IDKs.

  • It doesn't work i am using intel xdk for files where can i change there?

  • If a game has been set to FREE it can never be changed to cost money.

  • I know that but i can't update the game...

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  • It's been a while since I've used Crosswalk, but if I remember correctly, there should be a text box in the project area for your game that will allow you to change the versioning.

  • i don't find it i searched everywhere...

    Have anyone solved this problem ?

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