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  • Latley, I have seen lot of Construct 2 developers submitting & sharing games for iOS appstore & Google Playstore (Android), and sometime Windows Phone 7. But my concern is what is going to happen to the future of PC Gaming? I read a very interesting Article about it: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/UlyanaChernyak/20140527/218626/Video_Game_Market_Overview_Console_vs_PC_vs_Mobile.php

    Showing that there is: [quote:132ay4ko]The categories we can break the gaming sphere into are Console, PC, and Mobile. PC dominates the gaming market with 51%, followed by console at 30% and mobile at 13%

    That means PC dominates the Gaming market & it's the best place to play online games. but Mobile Market has been grown so much, and we see that must people have a smartphone, and [quote:132ay4ko]With 93% of smartphone users willing to pay for games and the global spread of mobile users estimated around 1.2 billion, the mobile market is the cost effective for users and the most wide-spread of the three categories.

    Well, We can say that the mobile market is spreading & becoming popular very rapidly! Being a dedicated PC gamner, I love PC Games! Even though PC games are bouncing back, letting mobile game to be the new dominant one day, [quote:132ay4ko]with 56 percent of gamers using them (mobile) to play games.

    Developers should take in consideration making PC games. Consoles are getting also better. They was specifically for gaming but now, [quote:132ay4ko] with the rise of non-gaming content such as apps and video players on console systems, we can expect a rise in console owning households in the future

    In my opinion the developers should make multi-platform game for PC & Mobile & Console! For example: Angry birds: made for PC & Mobile & Tablets, Many downloads & users & high spread. other example: Clash of Clans: Made for mobile market, can't be played for PC unless you have <a href = "http://www.bluestacks.com">BlueStacks App Player</a> , and for me it sucks since the app crashes & bluestacks restart! Conclusion: Developers must do multi-platform so there game can be played by all type of gamers.

  • EDIT: Just personnal opinion based on experience, use with caution:

    Obviously the more target you have better will be your chances of reaching people, the issue of multiplatform is compatibility (not all devices have the same inputs, nor the same screen, nor the same hardware) and performances (you simply cannot compare an high end computer to a low end phone device, and you cannot target every device possible, you have to make decisions), also the market for each is also to take into consideration if you want to make a decent amount of money out of it (even to just make you a name, you will still have to be careful which people you are targetting).

    Then there are the Term Of Services in some cases, that you must follow (they can vary depending on the country you live I think), licenses that you have sometimes to pay, the tools that you must choose carefully.

    As you said, being able to target all of them is of course an advantage (you are not limited at first). and there are also other things you must think afterwards, like how to prevent your game/app from being illegally acquired or resold by another company that will be different depending on the platform (let's face it, I have now idea how someone could even try to prevent those kinds of act without hurting the legit users, but that is not the subject), or the price of the game that would cover the developement time and marketing, while not being overpriced.

    there is also the target for your game (not only hardware wise, but human wise), not everyone is a gamer, not everyone loves hard platformers, and not everyone love considered good games (As for myself, I can tell that I just plain hate playing minecraft), and some badly done games will be praised (binding of isaac is really not done well), just do what you think is the best, but also learn to think correctly about that, and mostly target every platform you think fits the game, but not every person.

  • Well, the only true master race is the PC Gaming Master Race!

    No, honestly, this whole debate wether it is Mobile market, Consoles or PC that is the suprerior gaming market, is redundant.

    And really, Multi-platform games isnt a solution to the problem.

    Since that then will begin restricting the PC.

    Imagine a developer who then deletes/lets out features because it isnt fit for the Mobile market.

    Imagine a battlefield or CoD having to do that.

    It's already now partially a problem that developers, because of consoles have to limit the game.

    So No, multi-platform development is something that will work for some games, but not for all.

    And in general it still is a problem, as said, that Consoles are limiting the PC in many ways.

    So to round this whole story up: PC is the best, yes, and since it would be Limiting, Multi-Platform development isnt an option.

    But to calm all the console and mobile market fans down, yes they have some advantages, such as consoles are designed for the living room and for family gaming.

    And Mobile is designed to be played on-the-go, but honestly, that are all things PC can do too, not in the same way, but still, it can.

    • Conti
  • Pc gaming is just not as convenient as the other 2, you can't compare sitting on a chair with sitting on a cozy couch and you can't compare walking around with your laptop with having a smartphone/tablet. It's true that pc has the most posibilities but people that are active (go to work, like to relax for real on a couch after a day's work) are much more likely to pay for games rather than a lot of pc users that prefer downloading pirated games or play free one's since there's so many.

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  • Aphrodite Yes not all games are playable for all devices, nor all platform fit the player. For example let us say about Yoville (facebook game ) be on mobiles, well IMHO it not will be as great as on PC, and plus Mobile Gamers might not like it. So yes not all games are compatible for mobile or consoles compared to PC performance. BTW, A very successful multi-platform game is Angry Birds, so yeah it is also possible

    , Can be a PC held anywhere you go? answer no! that why some people prefer Smartphones & Tablets or even small consoles like Nintendo DS. We most take in consideration the success of mobile games!

    Well Smartphone users are spreading like crazy! PC gamers are deceasing, unless some are dedicated to it

  • Naji , well it isnt impossible to hold a PC wherever you go (Ultrabook on the arm).

    Of course it hanst been design for it, and that is my second point.

    Games get designed, if you design something you mostly have a goal.

    So if you design a game for the mobile market, you shouldnt port it to PC since it wont be the same experience,

    Minecraft for example. Works great on PC, less great on Console, Horrible on Mobile.

    So yeah, that is actually my second point

  • Naji - I'm also annoyed with mobile games, since my tablet is now full with useless but non-uninstallable games and apps (my younger sister will get rid of me if I do ). Also, I can't install BlueStacks on my PC since it isn't capable to run Android apps in emulators. I'm also doesn't have consoles like Wii U or something like that. So, I'm hoping C2 developers create games for online arcades and non-Metro Windows (Windows 7 and lower).

    EDIT: I just reset my tablet and now, I can install mobile games on my tablet.

  • I agree with SgtConti: going multiplatform across such different devices is not always a good idea. A good PC game may be totally unsuitable to be played on mobile and vice-versa since each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Most big studios these days do multiplatform games, PC & Consoles & even mobiles, but they aren't identical versions.

    PC will get better graphics & maybe even mod support compared to consoles, and mobiles are a stripped down version.

    Big games cost so much money to make, it just makes more sense to target a wider audience.

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