Patching or updating a Construct 2 game?

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  • Is there a way to create free 'patches' to update an existing C2 game?

    That is, if I hypothetically had a 150 MB game (aimed at multiple platforms offline and online) at v. 1.0, for example, and I made a series of minor changes which only modified or added 5 MB of game data, would there be a good cross-platform way to release those changes as a version 1.1 patch/update without actually requiring players of the first version to re-download the entire game?

    It'd be nice for those players, if they could just download the 5 MB that has actually changed instead of having to re-download the whole 150.

    Now, this is not an issue for me right at the moment, but I'm in early stages of making a fairly large graphics-heavy C2 game and this is something that might end up being important to me a few months from now. You never know - players might discover a bug I miss during testing, and I might need to release a patch after that to fix it.

    I haven't seen anyone discussing how to do this, so I thought it'd be worth bringing up.

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  • Sure it would be possible if the patch is purely new data (xml, json etc store on the server) and your game has already considered such new content to handle it. But if you are changing the functionality, adding new sprites etc, then i don't think so, there may be things that need to be rebuilt and linked together that may not be obvious. But i noticed exporting for html that the file created dates on the unchanged image remain the same after multiple exports. So if these remained cached by the browser then it would not need to download it again

  • Patching would look different on different platforms. I'm sure you could do it, but you would probably need to use some sort of third party tool to extract the game file (.apk, .exe, whathaveyou...), replace any modified files with new ones, and repackage the app.

    Obviously, you would need to encapsulate said logic as a script or macro within the patch, as no end user is going to go to that effort themselves. Then you have to hope that the program can be re-packaged succesfully. Not a trivial process. could redownload the game.

  • Game patches are actually possible when u are hosting the game on steam. not sure if the game itself could update without steam. But anyways,

    if you want the saves to not up the patches, just give the Level/Character the behavior of "No save"

    and the patches will apply without the game saves messing up your game patches what so ever.

    let me know if it works or not.

    Note: im not 100% about it working, it's more of a 50% chance of it working. but it's worth a shot.

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