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  • So I have been subscribed for quite a while working on a project, but it turns out you can really only develop very simple apps if you plan to export to a phone, and i have looked over and over about optimizing my game better but from what i can see is there is no optimization issue in my coding, 99% of stuff calls for a condition and the simple ai if it sees you chase you to attack, if it doesnt see you go home to its original location, that along with simple player movement with virtual joystick is too much for a fairly decent phone, (even bluestacks) so if you are planning to make a somewhat in depth game this engine is not for you. had to cancel my subscription as i tested and tested to find the problem and it is everwhere for mobile. nice for developing pc games but no good for mobile games, unless you are using the free versions limitations if you get over 100 lines of events even on a high end phone 8gb ram you will have issues

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  • The performance of modern devices is excellent. If you shared a project file I could take a look in case there is anything that could be optimised. However I noticed you mentioned BlueStacks, which appears to be an emulator. Emulators often have poor performance as they often have limitations like using software rendering instead of GPU acceleration. So you should test on a real device to know how performance will really work.

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