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  • Hi guys I been reading on the forums and see developers looking for AD networks for thier games. I had HTML games I made (very simple games) and didnt have a way to put ADs into them when I met Notifymob. They have a free service where you can send the apk and they install the ADs you want and they send it back. Or if you know a little eclipse (which I don't) you can intergrate thier SDK yourself.

    If your interested they have a quick sign up form here https:// Also if you want to promote your android games I own an android forum here http:// . It has over 1,000 members . If you want to message me , I am the Admin. Good luck with your apps and if you have any questions just ask.

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  • PixelPower

    How was the revenue compare to Admob , etc2 ?

  • PixelPower

    How was the revenue compare to Admob , etc2 ?

    On Googleplay I say banner ADs Admob pays more but on full page ADs (interstials) Notifymob pays much better than Admob. Now off Googleplay is where Notifymob really shines with eCPM of $3-$6 .

    So if you choose Notifymob go for the full page ADs to earn more than ADmob.

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