I can not change icons on ios app

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  • I can not change icons on ios app but in iphone or ipad icon display correct.

  • How are you creating the ios app?

  • ArcadEd export by c2 R195 then build from intel xdk

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  • Ahh, I have no knowledge on Intel XDK, sorry.

  • Strange. That's the default cordova icon. Looks like the XDK is still using a size that's not a default on the iPad/iPhones.

    Try this:

    Rename the IPA that you download from the XDK to a .zip file.

    Open the zip files and take a look at the folder \Payload\YOUR.app\www

    That is where your icons and splash screens are stored within the app. It might give you a clue which one is using the wrong icon.

    As a comparasion, in my config.xml within the IPA file, the icons for a landscape iOS app are like this:

    (/resources folder is where I put the icons, it will be different for you)

    <icon height="180" platform="ios" src="resources/Icon-60@3x.png" width="180" />
        <icon height="120" platform="ios" src="resources/Icon-60@2x.png" width="120" />
        <icon height="60" platform="ios" src="resources/Icon-60.png" width="60" />
        <icon height="152" platform="ios" src="resources/Icon-76@2x.png" width="152" />
        <icon height="76" platform="ios" src="resources/Icon-76.png" width="76" />
  • aquinn I can found image in www/img when I extract ipa file.

    Can I change this logo file.

  • nichekeys I have the same file. However, the size is 170x200 so it's not an icon file.

    It looks like it could be a file leftover from the Cordova default blank project maybe.

    No harm to change it.. but should not make a difference I think.

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