Noob doubts about google merchant account

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  • Ok, so...I just got myself a google play developer account, and I intend to release a free game with in-app I need a google merchant account (My country is allowed so no problem there)

    Problem is that im asked about "Legal bussiness info" as in a legally stablished bussiness or something, but im just an individual developer....just some random dude with a C2 license.

    Do I need a "real" bussiness or anything like that? Or can I just make up some name on the fly like <insert quirky animal> games (Heh, yeah, like if there was any animal not taken already <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing"> ) and run with it?

    Im also asked about my website...well, I dont have one either...I read somewhere that since my "bussiness" is going to be selling on the play store I can just put as my website, is that true?

    I dont know, maybe im trying to set up some bussiness oriented merchant account and there is some option for individual developer accounts that im failing to see...I just want to make sure before doing anything to not mess it up.

    Any help? Thanks in advance!

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  • Sweet! Im very interested too in Android publishing (I can say that for Apple you can sell no problem as an individual) probably after Xmas I will get an Android phone and explore the platform!

    Good luck!

  • Realistically, as a developer you should want a website and company name established. You can register your business name, protect your game name and assets, and use the website to drive extra traffic into marketing and further potential purchases. I think you should take a look at this self-publishing article I posted in another topic which will tell you some steps you really should be considering.

  • i concur with inquiesco. You need a business license, usually not much. Let me list the pro's for you.

    • You get to write-on a percentage of your household expenses suck as 1/ or your sqrft, internet, electricity, etc and at the end of the year when you file hopefully you had profit, otherwise write it off as a loss. technically you dropped your expenses by 1/3
    • if your just doing ad banners, you dont have to count that, ts not retail. If you sell something in game, such as a super cookie, that is retail and you need a retail license.
    • a website is for basic company info, you can use WIX if you want and pay $20 yr for a domain, you also provide support here.
    • and a business you have more weight if someone stills your content

    all in all if your going to develop you need a business to develop under. Look into incorporating out of delaware if you are serious but want to keep expenses low.

  • Thanks for the advice, guys!

    Although at this point im simply "testing the waters" so investing on a bussiness and website and all that stuff seems a little overkill to me just now (Also, im extremely low on funds... )

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