How to get your money from your game.

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  • I have been a victim of pay-pal in many instances. For one reason or another, they insist it is NOT MY MONEY. I have to jump through hoops, wait, and sometimes they even let clients outright rob me with false refund claims.

    I just found a great way to say f----k off to Pay-Pal. Bitcoin is nothing new, but finding a bank in my location to cash it in is next to impossible. They will NOT verify bitcoin in my area for direct deposit into my account for "national security reasons".

    Now there is an awesome way i can get my money, and spend it online, or grab cash at any ATM, without waiting.

    Behold, The awesomeness of the worlds first Bitcoin Debit card:

    When you get payed it is now YOUR money. Refunds will be decided by YOU weather the claim is bogus or not, not some automated Pay-pay bot.

    Have fun, happy holidays.

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  • That's amusing. The federal government has noooo problem selling bitcoin at auction when they seize it.

  • I really don't like the concept of Bitcoins.

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