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  • How do I monetize my game on Newgrounds? I saw that it must be accepted to be able to flash ads. And mine has been! So I thought it is already monetizing, as also already have a C2 license.

    But then I saw that you need to configure the Newgrounds API to start showing ads in the game. And only have the API in Action Script and the plugin for C2 and HTML5 API does not seem to be capazem to set up the ads. It seems only able to configure the medals of the game.

    There is in fact some form of monetizing some C2 of the game Newgrounds? I've seen several people talking have monetized! As? : /

    Before I thought it was just him being released to flash ads that was already being monetized. Including advertisements appeared before the game started. But suddenly she stopped appearing. It was only a few days with ads and they appear only once or twice before the game. I asked about this at the forum Newgrounds but got no answer.

    And remembering that I am asking monetization with advertising before the game, during or as is possible!

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