How to monetize Windows, Chrome store and Facebook games?

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  • Hello guys and girls!

    Since I only have a free version of Construct 2, I can't publish to Android and iOS. I would first like to publish to web, Facebook, Chrome etc. and if my game becomes popular, I will buy a personal license and publish to Android. But I don't know how to monetize the game. Most of ad networks only display ads on mobile phones. Is there some way (except AdSense) to monetize games on web, Facebook etc.???

    Thanks in advance!

  • If you have the free version then you are prohibited from using the C2 product to generate money.

    Here is a quote from the manual:

    [quote:x72lwokc]Construct 2 Free Edition

    Construct 2 can be downloaded and installed to any computer for free, including site-wide at non-commercial institutions like schools. Without a license, it runs as the Free Edition. This has the following limitations:

    A maximum of 100 events in a project

    A maximum of 4 layers in any layout

    A maximum of 2 effects in a project

    No folder organisation in the project bar

    No event search

    No configurations bar

    No Families

    No Preview on LAN

    Not allowed to be used for commercial purposes (however, it can be used in education and other non-profit organisations)

  • Oh...I think it's the right time to buy a license! Thanks man!!!

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  • I think it is still a good question. What is the best way to monetize a web-based game? (Even after you get the license)

  • I contacted a few companies and they said that I can monetize apps on these platforms. Here is a list:




  • If you have the free version then you are prohibited from using the C2 product to generate money

    issit?? damn it used to be allowed up to certain billing amount, $5000 or something wasnt it?

  • No! That's for personal license

  • I published a tutorial on making your own Facebook credits plugin and you can find it here ... k-payments

    I also have worked for a few companies on the side to integrate Facebook credits and many other options into their app. Feel free to contact me if your interested.

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