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  • Hi there!

    Let us introduce ourselves. We specialize in monetizing APK installs, as well as any other Android traffic. We would like to tell you more about monetization solution that will fit various types of partners: app developers, publishers, media buyers, APK portals, torrent, warez or any other distributors. We are in the business for over 6 years already and this is what we can offer you right now:


    -No irritating endless redirects

    -All OS are accepted: Android, iOS, Win, MacOS, Other mobile/desktop devices (Java, WM e.t.c.)

    -NET0 payouts by default, weekly payouts are negotiable

    -Decent CPM rates

    -100% fill rate

    -Average system CPM/GEO rates for any date


    -NET0 payouts by default, weekly payouts are negotiable

    -Automatic ads SDK integration/mass integration into any APK file

    -APK tuning (changing package name, app name, icon e.t.c)

    -Flexible ads behavior (settings delays, ads frequency, hide app icon, don't show ads for Google Play installs e.t.c.)

    -For Google Play app updates our ads start after the update, without the need to launch the app itself, thus covering the whole userbase with the single update

    • For mediabuyers and traffic brokers: Sub IDs,postbacks and direct APK download links
    • Advanced reporting system with GEO/CPM/APPS breakdown as well as average system CPM/GEO rates for any date desired
    • Designated software for automatic download/upload e.t.c. of APK files from various sources
    • Flexible referral system starting from 7% and more
    • Payments: Wire, PayPal, BTC, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Webmoney. Other payment systems are negotiable.

    -Great support <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

    *Up to 20 ads per user a day.

    Tier 3 traffic (India, LATAM) from Google Play example:

    Please feel free to sign up at

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