A lot of questions by beginner!!! No publishing experience

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  • Hello guys and girls!

    I have a few game ideas and I'm currently working on my first idea. But the problem is that I never published and monetized a game before. I know a lot about website monetization but that's not enough, so I have a few questions and it would be nice if you could answer them all.

    1. What's the best way to monetize a game? Most of my game ideas are simple game similar to Flappy Bird and those Tower Defense games, so I think it's much better to monetize them with ads...I don't think I could sell them.

    2. What's the best company to start with when it comes to monetization? AdMob is out because I was banned from Google Adsense few years ago (don't know why)

    3. Do these ads show on mobile phones and tablets only, or they also show up when someone plays my game on laptop through some arcade website?

    4. What's the best company for publishing? Should I do It myself (submit to Google Play etc.) or should I use companies like FGL?

    5. If I publish my game on Google Play, am I allowed to publish it on other stores, submit it to free arcade game websites, put it on my website...??

    Thanks in advance!!!

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  • 1- it depends on many things, if you have (currency,gold,energy...etc) in your game, you can give it for free to player if he watch a video ad, if it like flappy bird use the banner ads.

    3-it will run in any device will run the app.

    5-yes you can publish your game every where.

  • Thanks for your answers! I hope I will finish my first game soon and learn how this all works!

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