Will I loose if I don't monetize my first game?

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  • I have finally finished my first game and I plan to publish it...first on Scirra arcade and Kongregate and then on Android and iOS. My final goal is to become a full-time game developer, but I have a job now. Do you think it's smart to monetize my first game or not? Is it a good idea to use my first game just to promote myself, my website(s) and my social profiles (Facebook page, Twitter etc.)? Can I monetize the game later?

  • It's all up to you, If you want to make a free game then make it free. If you would like to try to get some money out of it then monetize it. There's no good or bad in this.

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  • The reality is that you won't have anything to lose since it's super hard to get our games out there and get them noticed, so you probably won't have many installs.

    But there is always that 0.00000000000000000000000*another billion 0*00001 chance that your game will be the next big thing and will set you up for life, in which case you will definitely wanna try some monetization in.

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