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  • Hello game developers!

    I represent U1stGames, a company with a primary focus on Facebook games. We have a big footprint on Facebook already:

    • over 250k fans on our Facebook page
    • over 50 published apps on Facebook (desktop)
    • a combined daily active users count of over 100k gamers

    We are looking for great, high-quality and addictive games that we can optimise for Facebook. If you think your game has mass-market potential, we can partner with you and offer you the following:

    • Optimisation for the Facebook platform, including best use of Facebook API features, from simple post publishing, to a more complex integration involving being able to send other friends bonuses to help them play your game
    • Integration of Facebook payments; we have experience in Facebook in-app payments, as well as generating recurring revenue from Facebook subscriptions
    • Highly relevant cross promotion! Our suite of Facebook apps are aimed at gamers, and we can promote your game across our network and expose your game to more than 100,000 players every day
    • General guidance on Facebook development; we have been developing on Facebook for several years, and we have created dozens of apps with millions of combined installs. Additionally, we have focused specifically on Facebook games, and so we have an intimate working knowledge of which features will help a game to succeed and grow on Facebook.

    Are you interested? You should be! Please contact me by either replying to this thread or contacting us via the Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can partner to promote and monetise your game on Facebook soon.

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  • Hi that sound really interesting.

    I have a game which i have developed using Construct 2.

    Name: Run CRIMINAL!. It is a HTML5 game as well as Android

    The game is introduced in the following thread


  • Hi!

    Thank you for replying to the thread. I'm going to keep this reply public, just so everyone can see my thoughts on your app and any possible potential for how we can partner up.

    First thoughts: your app is very highly rated in the Google Play store, so great job! I installed your game on my phone and had a go; unfortunately, I was unable to get past the first level, since the touch jumping wasn't responsive enough for me (this is my excuse, anyway!).

    Your game is fairly intuitive, however I feel that a tutorial level or explanation is always beneficial. For example, it was fairly clear from reading the blurb of your game that me hitting the police car would "kill" me, but I didn't know that touching a tree would do so also. Also, some of your users may not read the description at all, especially on Facebook.

    Your game is essentially a level-based skill game. Some of the most popular and highest revenue making games on Facebook are level games. The general formula is that there should be plenty of levels for the user to play, and that at the minimum you should have a lives-based system. At the moment, in your mobile game, you can reattempt a level as many times as you want, for free.

    What I would suggest, if you wanted to work with us, is that you assign your player a quantity of lives to start with, e.g. 10, and you lose one life each time you fail the level. Lives can then be either purchased by the player with real money, or with your ingame currency (coins), or they can be sent by one Facebook user to another, to encourage viral growth.

    You also have a small store within your game where you can buy a triple-coin powerup or a shield powerup. Again, this is a nice idea which is used in a lot of Facebook games; for example, Candy Crush Saga has "boosters" to help players complete a level. Again, it would probably help if you gave brand new users one or two of these "boosters" for free, either at the very beginning of the game or perhaps at the start of the 2nd level (with a brief explanation of what the booster is), and then give the player the option to buy more boosters at any time.

    At the moment, you say that you have 12 levels, which is a great start but to keep users coming back for more you would want more than these. if you find that your game is successful, you can create more levels, with more "worlds" (a set of levels, perhaps with different obstacles and art/background) and you can advertise these to your existing users.

    In conclusion, danyald: your game is definitely something that we would be interested in working on with you. What we can do, as I mentioned in the original post, includes:

    • Further personal discussion of how to change and optimise your game design for Facebook
    • Guidance and pre-built code for server-side features, such as maintaining a database of your Facebook users, handling and integrating Facebook payments, handling and integrating viral features (such as sending and receiving lives) and re-targeting your users (when you release new levels, contacting your users to get them to come back to the game
    • ...and anything else to help your game be a success on Facebook!

    I would strongly encourage you to think about it; I would also encourage anyone else reading this post to contact us for more personal and customised opinions and advice on how to make your game a success on Facebook. Thanks!

  • Hi thanks for this nice review and suggestions. I will change the game and will assign lives and more levels. I will inform you when its done

  • sidneycat hi! I have published my game "Capital Map Flag" about a week ago. It's a simple trivia game with three modes ( Guess the Capital, guess the Flag

    and guess Location). It's have localisation for three languages (English, Russian and Hebrew). I haven't a lot of downloads but for now the game at rank 33 in Free Top Trivia in Israel, 37 in Russia, 195 USA etc.

    I guess you looking for something more adventure or puzzle type games for Facebook platform. But anyway...

  • Hi Nagval!

    Thanks for replying I like your game, it is cute, enjoyable and is well-rated in the app store.

    You mentioned that adventure or puzzle type games may be more well suited to the Facebook platform; this is generally true. Trivia games such as yours can still do healthily, but I can't really see a way to incorporate payments or keep adding new features to your game (such as new levels) or to incorporate social "help" (e.g. incentive for users to send invites to friends for help beating a certain level/mission or to get an item).

    So, if you are interested, we can work with you to publish to Facebook, but the only service I think that we can provide in your case is to setup social inviting, high scores and achievements, and aid with submission to the FB app center.

    Does your game have the option to limit to a specific location, such as do locations within just one country? If so, you might be able to send notifications/emails to your users occasionally with relevant game modes e.g. "Brazil world cup starts in 6 weeks, test your Brazil locations knowledge now!"

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