[KONGREGATE] Watch out for the Monthly Awards.

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  • From article:


    Every Developer, doesn't matter small or big, that decided to publish their game on Kongregate portal, would notice a sudden and vicious drop in their game's score and tag ranks... in the last week of every month. How come?


    Hah. I can imagine the same happening on Newgrounds also.

    They too have monthly awards.

  • User based scoring is literally over rated.

  • User based scoring is literally over rated.

    There is no thing in the world that cannot be exploited in some way.

  • Oldest trick in the book and seems to be used even on Scirra arcade to create multiple accounts to keep your games at the top of the charts and down vote anyone's game that might compete against yours for a prize.

    Arcades thrive by boasting of numbers of players online so they turn a blind eye to multiple accounts and this could easily be solved by requiring a reputation point system for anyone wanting to rank a game.

    On Scirra they should require at least 500 reputation points or be a licensed developer to vote on any games in the arcade and that would end people making multiple accounts just to vote up their own games.

    I seen that kongregate scam going on from the beginning so I don't even try to enter their events for prizes anymore. If you complain they will go after you like wolves and there are cliques of developers mostly from other countries besides the US that work together to vote up each others games so one of them ends up with a prize each time.

  • Maybe a solution would be system where the player could only rate the game with a minimun amount of gameplay time.

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  • I have always thought that something like that could happen with the game maker of success. Mafias and contacts on certain websites so that Game Maker games seem to be successful and generate sales and popularity.

    That way they get people talking about the engine and want you to think that you will succeed if you use Game Maker.

  • I noticed Kong's solution to flash being disabled, was to force users to enable it, even for html5 games.

  • I noticed Kong's solution to flash being disabled, was to force users to enable it, even for html5 games.


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