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  • Hey everyone,

    Just curious if any of my fellow Constructors have any tips or advice with regards to Kickstarter. A friend I'm working with is getting ready to launch his and we could use some help sorting out how to generate an audience and drive traffic... any ideas?


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  • You need do some homework to get a successful campaign off. You need to create a lot of buzz. On forums twitter, youtube, and other social platforms.

    There's a tutorial posted here:

    I would definitely google it. There are a lot of articles out there from sites like Gamasutra.

    Currently, Crowdfunder, in my opinion, is a better option. You get to keep most of the money if you don't reach your goal and it's been very good to indie game projects.

    There are a lot of videos too like here on youtube:

    Hope this helps get you started.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks for the reply! The exposure bit has definitely been the hard part. Neither my friend nor myself are very social online, and as a result really don't have much in the way of communities we belong to (I'm primarily on these forums, and he's on FGL, damned Flash user!! lol) So we both feel that our success/failure will likely hinge on exposure (the game itself aside, that is) I'd never heard of Crowdfunder, so I'll have a look for sure. We're already ready to launch on KS however, just gotta push the button.

  • Here's some other resources you should watch.

    Failing Until You Succeed -- How Shadowrun Online became funded on Kickstarter

    Crowdfunding on Kickstarter -- Do's and Don'ts

    Funding the Dream with Kickstarter

    I've been studying about it a lot because I've been planning one myself. I've been laying the ground work for months. My advice, as you'll read about if you do your homework, is to use kickstarter to create buzz. It's often better to get you noticed than get you money. Definitely learn the do's and don'ts of kickstarter. There's no shortage of good info if you google it.

    Good Luck

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