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  • so how do i start a kickstarter campaign?

    i've read a bit about it, but still don get it. so campaigns are like, one month long or so -- does that mean i need to finish the whole game in that period? I guess no, but then hows it work?

    also, lets say im working solo, nobody to pay n so -- so, is it licit to spend all the money in hookers n drugs or does the money need to be invested in something game-related? aint old good american greed reason enough to ask for money?

    i'd need to get me a personal license... hm... i could use a new laptop too i guess.

    i like money anyway.

    do i really want a kickstarter campaign?

  • Check other campaigns

    They have lots of details in their summaries and rewards for funders.

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  • Well, since you dont need the money for your game, you do need the money to live from. Because you can't create a game and earn money at the same time.

  • goodfeet say no more i feel alredy much more justified!

    now, what about the times? as lennaert suggested i cheked other campaigns, and the reward system is understood, right. but then i read this tips n suggestions they have in the kickstart website and they recommend a 20 days campaign for better results. well some projects i've seen are ovbiously longrunners, so i wonder if they do several shorter campaigns (to achieve specific goals or whatever), or they re indefinitely open or what.

    thanks a lot buddies for yr answers!

  • Its up to you really.

    You determine the contents of your project and what it is used for / aimed at.

    Your campaigning is aimed to get people to support your project.

    Whether it is short, or long ....

    My guess the duration goes hand in hand with what your trying to achieve.

    Lots of projects have certain goals along the way if they surpass their initial target funding.

    The more funding that comes in, the more extra options you might offer.

  • Don't bother with KS unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on marketing it.

    I've tested one just recently, no marketing $ spent, though I had a TON of offers as soon as the KS went live. Like constantly spammed by marketing companies who want to "help".

    Without marketing and relying only on visits that are natural, from people browsing KS categories, I got bout 400 visits in 3 weeks. Successful campaigns get tens of thousands of visitors. Because only a small % of visits like your game genre and will back you.

    It aint like what it used to be where back then, natural visits were the bulk due to KS being more popular and less saturated.

  • Go back a campaign you like and see how it's handled by its creators. That's the best way to learn.

    Also, if you are not a well known developer already, I tend to agree with what Silverforce just said: not many people will feel confident enough to back your project and spread the word around for you.

  • thanks guys for your (disappointing) advice. so KS wont make me rich fast either. dammit.

    Im just considering different options. Never published nothing before.

    This monetizing thing, it's like a gold rush...

    I'll probably be opening more threads asking about other platforms.


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