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  • I have looked through the forums, Google'd and read the guides and the manual, but I can't seem to find the iPad 3 screen size for apps exported with CocoonJS or PhoneGap. I can find web-app screen size, and other iOS apps. But what about native apps? I know about targeting 16:9 resolution to support multiple screen sizes, but I'm more interested in specifically targeting the iPad 3.

    Any advice?

    iPhone 3 and earlier: 320x480

    iPhone 4: 640x960 (each pixel on a iPhone 3 screen is four pixels on an iPhone 4 screen - the screens are the same physical size)

    iPhone 5: 640x1136 (slightly taller than the iPhone 4)

    iPad 2 and earlier: 768x1024

    iPad 3+: 1536x2048

    Source: scirra.com/tutorials/43/mak ... onstruct-2

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  • I don't fully understand what you mean. In your list you already have the iPad 3 resolution. Do you mean the aspect ratio? It's 3:4 which you could easily have calculated yourself

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