iOS8 and Web App Audio Not Playing Nice

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  • Hello!

    This is my first post, so I apologize if this is the wrong place. When I first started working on Construct 2, I was using r156. I made a simple "choose your path" type game where the user selects a button, hears feedback audio and then gets a new question, ultimately reaching the end point and telling you if you won or lost. It was pretty simple.

    Originally, we had an XML file in place that would determine what audio to play (for example, you select Option 1, you hear Audio A, etc.). I exported this as a web app and it worked great in the browser. But then I was supposed to put it out on iOS, and it didn't work.

    I had trouble with the whole "when the audio ends, plays the next audio" bit because iPads require a touch to begin the audio. We put in a start button at the beginning forcing the user to "start" the game and letting the audio play. Then we replaced the XML free with some custom functions and array. When audio[1] ends, play audio[2]. It wasn't as nice as the XML tree, but it worked.

    It worked until our client upgraded their iPad to iOS 8. We were running iOS 7 and didn't experience any issues, but they insisted the course would freeze or crash at random places. I upgraded our tablet, and viola, there are the crashes! I thought about what could be causing this, and thought maybe it was my old version of Construct 2. Maybe there's been a recent fix for this, so I upgraded it to r.196.2.

    That didn't help.

    Now, my game, fully exported, is 92 MB. I know this is pretty heavy for a game, but 70 MB of this is audio. I have a feeling this size might also be attributing to the crashes, but you think this would effect Safari in iOS 7 also. It also works fine on PC in the browser (Chrome & Firefox).

    Are there any issues with iOS 8 and Construct 2 Web Apps I should know about? We've been cramming on this project for over a year now and the client is finally happy with it, and now this happens. I sure hope it's something simple!

    Any comments will help! Thank you.


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  • Hi!

    Some more info might help the debug..

    What audio format are your tracks when exported? How big are the typical files?

    Have you imported the audio into the project as music and not sounds?

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