iOS Game is not working in my iPod

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  • Hello,

    I exported my game from C3 to xCode, the game are installed in my iPod but when the game start, I get this message.

    Sofware update needed.

    this content is not supported because your device software is out-of-date.

    Note: the iOS simulator is not currently supported due an Apple bug.If you are using simulator, try testing on a real device instead.

    Missing Features: WebAssemby

    User Agent: Mozila/5.0 (iPod touch;CPU:iphone OS 9_3_5 like Mac OS X)

    AppleWebKit 601.1.46 (KHTML, like Gecko)


    I try archive my game and upload to iTunes and install the game from Testflight and I get the same error.

    with c3runtime.

    EDIT: with c2runtime I see black screen.


    sorry for my English.


  • I try to compile a very basic project with 3 red sprites, using C2 Runtime and work perfect, but I can not see my real game in action, my game crash here:


    int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, "AppDelegate");

    return retVal;


    maybe a problem of memory?



  • The C3 runtime is not supported on iOS 9. Are you able to update to a newer version of iOS?

  • Hello,

    I can compile using C3 with c2runtime and work very good in my old iPod Touch 5 and work like a charm in my LG G4.

    No I can not update iOS, the last version is 9.3 :(. You have in mind make compatible c3 runtime with iOS 9?



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  • iOS 9 is very old and we cannot support it with the new, modern C3 runtime.

    There are few devices using iOS versions older than iOS 11. If supporting this minority of devices is important to you, then we recommend you continue using the C2 runtime.

  • I can use c2runtime to test the game in my iPod and use c3 runtime for publish, what do you think?

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