IOS certificate & Provisional Profile Expire soon

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  • I have my IOS certificate & Provisional Profile expire soon.

    1. How can I renew both certificate and provisional profile?

    2. After renew it, do I need to republish all my app using the new IOS certificate and Provisional profile?

    3. Is it I need to renew it every year as Apple allow one year expiry only?


  • 1. You can renew your developer certs once the old one has expired. You also need to update your provisioning profiles with the new certificate.

    2. No need to republish any live apps. The only possible problem scenario is with Adhoc apps built with an expired provisioning profile...they will not run any more. They will to be rebuilt with a valid cert. Live store apps are fine.

    3. Yes, seems every year you need to renew certificates. Also if you change dev machines you might need to renew if you can't transfer your certificates.. no big deal.

  • aquinn, thanks for the info.

    One more question:

    I have bought one app from a seller and transfer ownership to me. How if I want to update it with a new version?

    I need to get the IOS Distribution certificate from seller, right? Will seller give me that certificate?

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  • Hmm..I'm not sure in this scenario. I doubt they would give you their cert and password...

    Maybe you can publish an update with your dev cert. Try a dummy build in xcode using the app id but with your app store provisioning and cert. Create an archive and use the validate tool in the uploader to see if there are any errors.

    Does the app/app id appear in your iTunes connect and the Dev center?

  • If I update new version with my own new ios distribution certificate, is it affect my existing download numbers? or it will affect anything?

  • In pure ASO terms, I think they just use the keywords, title and publisher name for ASO, so the cert shouldn't matter.

    The publisher name is important for ASO however. Which is why some developers publish under 'Best Top Free Games Flappy Company' and similar.

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