ios app submit to app store from windows guidelines

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The internet is bombarded daily with new apps (app is the short term for application)
  • Here details iOS App upload App Store process, read this article you can quickly master iOS APP upload skills to help beginners developers

    On the shelves iOS requires a paid developer account, not yet apply for a loan or borrow.

    Apply for developer account introduction

    The shelves are divided into seven steps, step by step.

    Look carefully at this process, take a lot of detours, do not step by step to try wrong, suggesting efficiency.

    1, create APP ID (App IDs)

    2, apply for a certificate issued

    3, apply to publish the description file

    4, Windows upload the certificate compiled package

    Create App in iTunes Connect

    6, Windows upload IPA to the App Store

    7, upload a good IPA back to iTunes Connect fill APP information and submit the audit

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  • 2017 details how to apply for iOS certificates and build IPA files Upload to the App Store

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